Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker by TOOD

Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker by TOOD

Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker by TOOD

Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker is no longer limited to bulk orders anymore, you can now create your own temporary tattoos at TOOD!

Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker by TOOD

Tattoo Stickers? Temporary Tattoos?

Most people think that temporary tattoos are for kids, since most tattoo stickers available out there are cartoons, designed for kids etc. The graphics of temporary tattoos have however evolved in recent years due to the increasing trend of real tattoos. Custom temporary tattoos as a result becomes a trend to satisfy those who want a unique temporary tattoo.

The Beautify of Customization

In this century, customization has become a ‘standard’. You can’t think of anything which is not customizable especially in the lifestyle category products, e.g. T-shirts, phone cases, bracelets and watches etc. So why not temporary tattoos? Tattoo is a form of self-expression, there’s no way you can’t customize your own temporary tattoos.

Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker by TOOD - Just Breathe

Try Before You Commit

Besides as an ‘accessory’, there’s an important role for temporary tattoo – test before committing a real tattoo. If you can try before buying your clothes, then why not a tattoo? You can afford regretting on buying the wrong clothes, but not on a tattoo that follows you the rest of your life. And now you can test the size and placement of your desired tattoo with custom temporary tattoo sticker.

Indispensable Supporting Role

Tattoo becomes a part of your body. Lots of people like tattooing their favourite messages like mottos, names, important dates etc. to express themselves, especially during travel adventures, special events like parties, big games or contests etc. Though temporary tattoos won’t stay on your body forever, they will however live in your photos forever.

Custom Temporary Tattoo Sticker by TOOD - Ambition

Okay.. So how to Customize?

You can customize your own Skin Quote temporary tattoos at TOOD by simply entering your words, choose the font and size, and that’s it. Or you can upload your own graphics directly and turn them into temporary tattoos. Remember to upload a ‘graphic’ (white background) instead of a tattooed human body photo.