Dream Catcher Tattoo designs – Try it before you tattoo it

Try out your favourite dream catcher tattoo temporarily

Dream catcher tattoo is always one of the hottest choices among girls.  This is not only because of its beautiful design but also the meaning behind it: Trap your bad dreams and nightmares in the web and help you get a peaceful sleep.  However, there are many variations and tons of dream catcher tattoo designs out there, how can you tell which one best suits you?

At TOOD, we always encourage you to try before you tattoo it.  You can easily turn your favourite dream catcher tattoo graphic into a temporary tattoo, like this:

Dream Catcher Tattoo by TOOD

dream catcher tattoo by TOOD

If you already have your own graphic then things are easy.  Otherwise, you can try “Google Inspirations” and find the one you like.  Below are some of our favourites and suggestions:

Dream Catcher Tattoo design

Dream Catcher Tattoo design

Dream Catcher Tattoo design

You can choose the size according to your need, there are 3 sizes available: S, M, L.  If you want a dreamcatcher on your wrist, you may try the S one, if you want your dream catcher tattoo on back, you may want to try the L one.

Remember, you will always have to upload a white background computer graphic instead of a tattooed human photo.  We will turn your graphic directly into a temporary tattoo, and send to your home.